Jimmy Allen | Freerunning

Team Defy

Team Defy started as a freerunning team in Southern California. Six childhood friends banded together with an interest in parkour and tricking and became a team to make videos. Their first self-titled DVD was shot in the first three months. While hastily thrown together, this gave them the momentum to get started right away on their next video entitled "Vertigo."

After 8 months of shooting several times a week, the team had created a well made video that reflected Defy's unique style. The team will often refer to this video as their first "real" video as "Defy" did not reflect their skill or personality. Right away they sought to outdo themselves in their next video "Kinetic."

They shot for over a year and had something that really showed off their talent and style. This video stood as an accomplishment to the team and best reflects who 'Team Defy' is. Upon completion, everyone all starting college and the work-world, went their separate ways while still keeping in touch. There are still unfinished projects and much more to come from those who started 'Team Defy,' this site is dedicated to those projects.

Origional members of Team Defy consisted of Jimmy Allen, Jacob Powell, Kyle Bowles, Ricky Spencer, Tim Anaya, and Matt Hearne

Released Videos

Their Videos are being re-released in Team Defy Underground